Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A quickie

These holidays have been a blast! Having my cousins here was SO much fun. Saying goodbye was very hard, even though I know I get to see my beautiful cousin, Paige, in only 9 months. If you're reading this blog, you probably know that she is coming to live and study in Cape Town next January. She will be studying photography in town, something she is extremely talented at. I am super excited to have her living just 5 minutes away from me, I have missed her so much in the past four years.
If you are interested in seeing some of her work, she has a photography blog where she has taken on the challenge of taking a self portrait every day for a year. Here's the link: http://paigethepinxit.blogspot.com/2013/04/into-sun-169365.html?m=1
Have a fantastic week!
♥ Keren

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Okay, so my surprise is delayed, but here it is! I dyed my hair, again :D
♥ Keren

Monday, April 1, 2013

Back to the Blog

So, I suppose you all guessed why I have been quiet, if there is anyone out there who actually reads my blog and noticed. Well, life sped up a little and got a bit mad, as per usual. But alas, I'm here now, with a cup of tea, a cluttered brain and a few minutes to spare before heading off to dream land.
Today is the first of April, a new month and a fresh start for me. I will not bore you with an obviously false April Fool, I actually didn't trick anyone this year. I must say, time is really flying by, we're already in April!!! I need to take a few moments to slow down and breathe until school starts I think. Kick the new term off well with a definite Plan Of Action. Yes, I think that's a good idea. Tomorrow morning I will formulate my plan of action, along with all the other things I need to do.
I really need to catch some shut-eye now, but if you tune in tomorrow, I will have a surprise for you!
♥ Keren

Monday, March 11, 2013

Quick Monday Post

There' a cute picture of Max when he was tiny to brighten your Monday :)
Wow, I hope this week isn't all as hectic as today was. I am so exhausted already, and its only Monday. I have so much I need to get done before the end of the term, and I'm feeling a bit stressed. The fact that holidays are so soon makes me both excited, and freaked out. I don't really have much to say, just that I'm going on camp in 10 days :D I am so excited for that!
Anyway I have to get some stuff done /: I hope you all have a fantastic week :)
♥ Keren
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Friday, March 8, 2013


I got a haircut yesterday!!! Whoop Whoop! It was really awesome because it was kind of a surprise haircut. Now I know that sounds like a ninja hairdresser jumped out at me with a pair of scissors, a comb and some ow worked her magic without me fighting back, but that's not exactly how it happened. The real story was a lot less cool. All that really happened was my awesomely amazing neighbor Tammy got me to come to her house and ta-daa there was the hairdresser! Just so you know Tammy is awesome like that!
So let me explain the picture. I told the lady to please just cut it until its healthy again, well. Clearly it was very unhealthy! Its a lot shorter than I though it would be, but it grew on me, wait.. no.. it shortened on me? Yeah, something like that! Anyway, at first I was all like NOOO MY HAIR IS GONE! And all worried and stuff, but now I actually like it. Plus, I can always grow it back again.
It was quite funny because when I looked in the mirror this morning I got a fright, I didn't expect my lovely long locks to be gone! But I'm not gonna lie, I quite like this length.
♥ Keren

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Just Pictures

I just wanted to do a couple of pictures today, hope you enjoyed them x
♥ Keren

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Take Care

Sometimes we just have to take a step back, reassess priorities, figure out what's most important to us in our lives and take care of ourselves. I must say, I can forget to look after myself. I get so bogged down with the little things that I let consume my world and keep me busy, that I forget to take care. I have decided its time to reassess, make time for the things I REALLY care about.
So I have this list, right. Yes, I am one os those crazy-ass OCD list making people. Deal with it. So this list, its filled with all the things I desperately want to do, but can't stop procrastinating about. I think about this list every single day of my life, and every day I say to myself "I'll tackle that list tomorrow, I'll make time for it!" But I never do until its almost too late to get one of the things done, be it homework or paying a debt. And this stresses me out, I just want to be able to relax without it playing on my mind.
So I have decided its time to look after myself, to love myself, to take care. Everything has to start somewhere, and I'm starting with the little things. Things like buying myself a Dr. Pepper and drinking it when I feel like I'll die from heatstroke, going to bed early because my body is crying out for a few extra hours of sleep, or even just chilling here writing this blog post and not letting myself feel like I should be jumping up and doing last minute homework, that can wait. I also think it would be loving of myself to actually do the things on that list, so I can have a little peace about it. So I resolve to assign one thing on the list to each day until the list is done. That's how I'm going to take care of me.
Another way I want to stay sane and keep my priorities in check, is to spend more time with my Maker, my Dad. Even if I was to spend my entire life praying, reading and learning about Him, I honestly don't think that I would ever know Him as well as I want to. But I think its my job to try. So Jesus, get ready, because you're about to hear a lot more from this girl!
My motto from here on out is "If it can be done today, don't leave it 'till tomorrow."
Take care, I meant it!
♥ Keren