Thursday, September 30, 2010

My amazing 13th

Wow! Yesterday was my 13 th birthday, it was so amazing! In our house the birthday tradition is we all wake up and pile into our Mom and Dad's bed to open presents. This usually happens very early, for me it was 07:00......

When we finished Mom and Dad surprised me by taking me out for breakfast at Mugg and Bean in Constantia, where I ate a Chocolate Overload waffle, the name does this waffle no justice! I definitely couldn't finish it on my own! While we were there they gave me a purity ring, something I've wanted for a while. They each gave me a card as well. It was really special for me!

After that Mom and I went to Blue Route shopping mall so I could buy myself an iPod with some money Mom and Dad owed me. Mom also got me a nice pair of summer shoes, do the blessings ever end????

When we got home we packed a picnic and made our way to the beach with my cousins, who came down to be with me on my 13Th, and their auntie, Tessa. We had a wonderful time looking in the rock pools!

After the beach we drove to the most amazing ice cream shop, where I had a half scoop of Belgian chocolate and a half scoop of lemon sorbet! It was like a party in my mouth!
Thank you to everyone who made my day so special! I got amazing gifts from everyone, I'm so happy!

One of my favorite gifts was an air ticket from Mom and Dad so that I can drive back to the farm with the Woods, stay on the farm for 2 days, drive up to Natal for my Great-Grandpa's memorial service, then fly home with mom, who is also going up, but is flying both ways.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Karate Kid premiere

At Karate we have been talking about going to do demonstration outside Blue Route Ster Kinekor for the release of the new Karate Kid movie. So, on Friday we got an sms from our Sensei asking us to come to train that evening to get together a dem for the next day. Josh and I were very excited to do this, so at the drop of a hat we went to go train. Not many people showed up for training, but we put together a dem in one and a half hours!

First of all, two of the Orange belts did a Kata, an imaginary fight.

Then, to show the different levels of pre-practiced fighting, Josh and Logan did their level, and at the same time Ashton and I did our level.

Then two of the younger kids did a high level Kata, called Jion.

Next, Megan and Alex did some free fighting.

Some of the more senior students then attacked our Sensei, and he took them each down differently.
We rounded it off with a plank breaking demonstration. It was so awesome, here is the link to see it on You Tube:

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Christening the pool

Spring is on its way! We swam for the first time yesterday, it was freezing! I jumped in and got out, and I never feel the cold! Hopefully things will start to warm up, soon.

It's amazing to see the weather change. All the bare winter trees are now dotted with green. it all looks so fresh! soon it will be time to work in the garden, preparing for summer. Its not quite T-shirt and shorts weather yet, but its getting there.