Monday, January 17, 2011

First day of High School (sort of)

Today was my fist day of 'high school'. We spent the day organizing everything, and deciding all the subjects I would do this year.
This afternoon I went to the van der Lindes so Zak could do horse riding. We had a great time swinging on the new swing they put up over the river :).
It was also my first day back at Karate, I was extremely tired :(!!!!
So that was my first day of high school!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My weekend :)

On Friday, when I got home from ice skating, my friend's (Nicole's) Mom came to pick me up to sleep over. I had planned on staying one night, but ended staying two. We had such a great time talking in British accents and putting makeup on each other, with our eyes closed!!! :) It was so cool! :)
Then this morning at 10:25 my Dad came to fetch me, and i left in my pajamas. We had to go to a part at 11:00, and i still had to bath and get dressed!!! Anyway, I made it, with time to spare (never underestimate the powers of a girl who is rushing to do something). It was Jonathan's 14th birthday party, it was cool. :)
Anyway, that is a summary of my weekend

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Josh's wisdom teeth

Shame! My poor older brother got his wisdom teeth out today. :( He is now sitting on the couch playing Xbox with a black thing ( it almost looks like a boxer's headgear) strapped around his head, holding ice packs in place. He can't talk so he is writing everything on paper. He keeps spitting blood, too. my mom said when she had hers out her cheeks were swollen out like a chipmunk, and she had a black eye and bruises!!! Mom told Zak last night that Josh would lose all his wisdom!! I will certainly let you know if he does!! :D
I spent my day at my Oma, we went out for lunch, to the nursery, and then went back to her house. Later dad came to pick me up and we came home, he then fell asleep on the couch and woke up from mom calling him to come pick up her and Josh from the hospital. On the way home Zak was feeling sick, and I hate it when people puke!! :(
Anyway another day in the life of my crazy family :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Beach

On Thursday morning we went to Danger beach with the Woods. the boys had a great time playing in a pool that they had dug in the sand. there were lots of sharks around so we didn't go very deep, it was very cold too!

Like i said, not very deep!!! :P

then in the evening we went to Kommetjie Lighthouse to have a picnic.

It was to say goodbye to the Woods, I'm missing them already :(

It was really great to have them here, and I cant wait to see them again!! :D