Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mock Grading

Today was my mock grading for Karate, the real thing is on Thursday.
I wasn't as nervous as usual, I felt peaceful, which is a good thing! I punched this one person in the face, that's the second time!!!
I hope the real deal is such a breeze!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Looking Glass

Megan Marais has started a group for home schooled, teenage, Christian, girls to get together and talk about different topics every week. I have really enjoyed it! We have been getting together for four weeks. The girls in the group are Jessica, Esther, Amy & Jessica R, Laura, Monica, Kim, Claire, Paige, and me!
Megan emails the tasks for each week to Paige and Claire so they can join in too. We chat, pray, and talk about the tasks that Megan sets for us. I'm really thankful that she started this group, I have really enjoyed getting to know all the girls better.
We each have a journal that we decorated to stick our task lists in and write about our experience doing them. This is mine.........

I thank God that Megan started this group, it's just what I needed now, I pray that He would bless her for starting it.