Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I love these moments

I love these moments.
Having family sitting on the couches, telling stories, making each other laugh, eating good food, and just enjoying each other.
My Granny is visiting at the moment, Uncle Chris and Aunty Tammy (and of course sleeping Max) came for supper. Nachos mmmm.......
My Uncle's fishing stories, Max making noise and being hyper (love that cutie pie!), Granny being tired and talking with her eyes closed.
I love these moments.

Monday, March 26, 2012


Sundays, I love them because it means the weekend isn't over, and I hate them coz the next day the weekend is over!
Do you ever get anything done on Sundays? I don't that's for sure! I always say to myself on Saturdays, "yeah, I'll do it tomorrow." But I never do! So the next Saturday comes along and I still haven't done the thing I wanted to do last Sunday and I say "I'll do it tomorrow." It's a never ending loop :)
Its like it's pre-programmed into me to not do anything on Sundays and as hard as I try to get my lazy butt of my bed, or my square eyes away from my current TV series, I just cant! (By the way at the moment I'm watching a cool/lame TV series called Eureka :) )
I have decided that, even though its holidays, I really need to do all that important/unimportant stuff. So I'm going to make a point to get up, get dressed, and do things in the morning instead of doing the other things I really badly want to do, like read a book or watch Eureka for the rest of the holidays :)
Wish me luck!

Friday, March 23, 2012

The end of the 2011 ambassadors

Last night was the Chaeli Campaign ambassadors graduation. As some of you know I was an ambassador in 2010, it was amazing and I really learned a lot. needless to say, I was extremely excited t be able to pass on some of what I learned to the next batch of ambassadors, as one of their mentors.
I as not very consistent to making it to meetings this year, something I am not proud of. I could sit here and give you a million excuses as to why I wasn't there, but he truth is, it wasn't on my top priority list, and I somehow always had something else on, or I just plain forgot.
I have signed myself up to be a mentor again for the 2012 group, I plan to make more of an effort this time.
In other news, Zak was part of this years ambassador group. I was very proud of him, he wrote his own speech with no help! I remember how scary my first graduation was and how odd it was that the mentors weren't worried about their speeches, now I understand, once you do it once you can easily do it again with no problem, well that's just me ;)

Here is me receiving my certificate :)

And the whole group together :)

Zak's project was a quiz night. Jenna and I were also very involved with it as we were doing it for Walk for Wheels together as part of out co-op. It went really well, something we could easily do again :)
Another thing that I am doing this year is my bronze presidents award.
So here's to another good year with the Chaeli Campaign!