Thursday, February 28, 2013

Crafts and Carnivals

Yesterday I taught the monthly craft class I run. Its a bunch of homeschoooled girls and each month I teach them a new craft project. We have done everything from beading to scrapbooking, sewing to baking. This time I taught them how to make heart shaped chalk boards for their bedrooms :) Everything ran smoothly and their projects turned out beautifully!
Them yesterday evening my family went with our neighbors to the Community Chest Carnival :D I haven't ever been before, so it was quite an awesome experience for me :) I had a cool time, and my night was made when I got hold of a chocolate Steri-Stumpie, love that stuff!!!
♥ Keren

A bit delayed

This is a unpublished post that I found sitting on my phone for about 2 weeks, so here it is :P
What a weekend this has been! I've been crazy busy, crazy tired, and it's been crazy fun :)
It started off with Rewired (my youth group) on Friday night (always a highlight), we had a whole James Bond theme-thing happening. As usual, it was jam-packed with awesome games, which my team won! It was kind of by fluke... but we still won! :D I don't know if any of you have ever tried a McDonalds Happy Meal blended up? Don't. Ever. I mean, usually with these eating contests I'm really in there and kicking ass. Well, I was literally gagging. I will never eat McDonalds again (insert dramatic voice and gestures). Basically, it was gross. Other than that, I had an awesome time with awesome people :)
On Saturday morning I had my cool-cat friend, Sarah's, Amazing Race party. It was SO epic! I couldn't have had a better team! We rocked it and came first :D (I seem to have had a little bit of luck on my side this weekend!) It was super fun, filled with cryptic clues, cool surprises and loads of laughs :) Props to our AMAZING driver, Gary, who knows good back routes and is uber competitive!
That afternoon I went to go see Argo, and I'm just going to say right now, if you haven't, watch it ASAP! It is so awesome!!! Oh my gosh, I enjoyed that movie SO much, I can't actually get over it! Wow. Now I want to watch it again! Seriously guys, go see it! Now, like right now. Drop what you're doing and watch it! Its just... Wow.
Sunday was pretty cool too :) I'm involved with my church's, The People's Church (TPC), Sunday school program. I am a small group leader for grade 1-2 girls, they are such cutie-pies! So we have this roster type thing where we have one week on one week off, and some weeks we have a turn to do the teaching. This week it was my turn, and I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous /: Soooo... I took the initiative and roped someone (Casey) in to tag team preach with me :) I was so glad to have her help, it made me feel a lot better about it, like if I messed up it wasn't all my fault :P We basically spoke about how much God values you and wants to have a relationship with you and did a little salvation call for the grade 1-4s. It was really special and I enjoyed being able to teach the kids something new and make some kind of an impact on their lives, even if it was small :)
Yesterday was Monday, and I was really busy, but it was a good day. Last year I was part of a Shakespeare play in the Shakespeare Schools Festival. It was the first time there was a home schooler's group entered. It went really well and we thought it would be cool to do another one this year. We don't have any official drama teachers, its just a bunch of teenagers having fun and putting on a show. This year I was asked to co-direct with Monica and Richard. We have already had so much fun and I think its going to be a great success! The play we will be performing is a Winter's Tale. Yesterday we told the cast what parts they will be playing and I can't wait to see how they bring out their characters :)
♥ Keren

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Sooo.... I have some news... I GOT A DOG!!!!!! :D :D :D this post is quite delayed, but that's okay :) We got him last Thursday morning from an animal rescue place in Gordon's Bay called PETS. He is about plus minus 1 year old, and a beautiful dark brown (pretty much black) labrador. His name is Jambo (pronounced jumbo), the Swahili word for "hello".
He was rescued from a township after living in a very small 2 meter by 2 meter yard. We don't think he lived there all his life, we think he was stolen by, or dumped on his owners. He is a very healthy strong boy :) He fits right in here and we love him to bits :)
♥ Keren

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A fresh start

Okay, so one of my many overly enthusiastic resolutions this year was to finally start blogging regularly! I swear that's my resolution every year.... But anyway! I'm going to be positive and actually try DO it this time :) And what sparked me to start this halfway through February you ask? That is a very legit question. The reason I started this today of all days is because, as you all know, today is Valentine's day. The day to celebrate, feel, ignite and spread love. As usual, I didn't have a Valentine, which doesn't phase me at all, because (drum roll please) I decided to love myself today! And how did I do that you ask? Well, I just did what I love and made myself happy the way no one else can. The things I did were painting, wearing my best red lipstick, drinking tea, baking, putting on my pajamas in the middle of the day and buying books, all because I can! And do you know what? It made me happy. Perfectly, blissfully happy. I think everyone should just have a day where they love themselves, where they don't expect anything from themselves, where they just breathe in the beauty of who they are. That is what makes me happy :)
Today I discovered a treasure, a second hand bookshop, stacked from the floor to the ceiling with books, books and more books, right down the road from me! I always knew there was one around here, but I never bothered going in, but today Josh and I took a walk in that direction so I could check it out. And from that experience I now have my very own copies of the Lord of the Rings trilogy! I would have bought a lot more (including The Hobbit) but Josh ran out of money to lend me /: But, needless to say, I will be back there as soon as my wallet is a little fatter. I think my favourite part about it is that its a TEARS bookshop, so all my money is going to a good cause, that makes me smile :)
So let's hope I can stick to this resolution! Fingers crossed x
♥ Keren

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