Saturday, April 16, 2011


Today was a really cool day! Before I can say what I did i have to explain. Sensei Dirk told us on Monday at Karate that it was our last chance to register for the fighting competition, so of course I entered. Then the other day my Dad called somebody to check it we (Josh and I) are actually entered, we were told yes of course! Then later that day we get a sms to be told that I wasn't actually entered! So then I decided to go with to the competition and Dad was going to see if he could get me entered, he did it of course. So then they said line up, and I wasn't even in a gi!!! So I ran into the bathroom, ripped of my clothes, got dressed and ran out again, leaving my stuff in the bathroom! So as usual I waited the whole day to go on and ended up only fighting Ashton and losing, anyway I learned new things and will be better next time! I don't regret losing for some reason, I'm fine with it. So that was my morning.
Then this afternoon Zak and I went to the Chaeli Cottage, him to me an ambassador, and me to be a mentor! I'm very excited o be a mentor this year, we will each be assigned a few ambassadors who we have to mentor, it's going to be loads of fun!
Tonight I'm going to watch Fame at BHS with my mom, I'm so excited, we have front row seats! We are going because my friend Nicole has a part in it, I can't wait!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Black and Yellow!!!

On break-up day, we went to the beach with the Solomons. Mom was taking some pics of me and Jenna. We spent the day together and took lots of pics, here are a few.....

The post is called "Black and Yellow" because we sang it all day long, and it's now our anthem!

Elvis Blue!!!

On the day after the rally, Sunday, Elvis Blue was performing at the Green point Eco-park, next to the stadium. And of course we went to go and watch! for those of you who don't know, Elvis Blue is the 2010 winner of SA Idols. His real name is Jan Hoogendyk and he is a Christian

There were a lot of people there! Emo Adams was on before Elvis, so most of them left when Elvis came on, so we could get right to the front!

Tanya and her kids were there too (DUH!!!)

Jess came with too....

...And of course, Tammy was there too....

...And if Josh was there, so was Tori!

Mom tried to do a panoramic view, yeah, that needs work! Notice there are two Jessie's.

I just love this one!

Cute!! :)

There is Elvis!!!!

We never got to take pictures with him afterwards, so this is good enough for me!

"hurry up and take the picture! You are in my view of Elvis!"

"Ahhh, now we can see him!"

Poor Georgie, she wasn't feeling too well, and is now in hospital. Please pray for her, Mickey, and Isabella.

Two True Blues!

The whole band, if you look really hard you can see the drummer to the right of Elvis.....

..... Now he is on the left.....

.....Still there.

Elvis Blue signing posters and taking pictures with fans. We were all helping others get their pictures. so by the time we were going to get our chance, security was taking him away because the were taking down the stage. :( too bad, I did get a poster though!

Us with Elvis and the stadium in the background!

You had to be there to get this one....

....And this one!

It was a really fun evening! Now Josh, Zak and I are going to have our own Elvis blue concert to raise funds for the Pink Ladies! It's all so exciting!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Car Rally

I think it's about time I posted about our car rally!!! For those of you who don't know about mine and Josh's event, it was a car rally that started at Meadowridge Park and Shop and ended at Kirstenhof Wetland. The reason we did this event, is because we are ambassadors for the Chaeli Campaign, and part of our year of ambassadorship, we have to have our own fundraising event for the non-profit organization of our choice. After much changing of minds, and losing an organizer, we decided we would do a car rally, and benefit the Pink Ladies.
The Pink Ladies are a group of volunteers who partner with the SAPS to look for missing and abducted children as well a providing emotional support for the families of the children. I found out about them by looking in the People's post or Bulletin (I can't remember which one), there was an article about them saying what they do and who they are. All of the members remain anonymous for their own safety. So even before we knew what we were defiantly going to do for our event, we knew the Pink Ladies would receive the proceeds.
Now, back to the rally, we spent so much time on the planning of the route and thinking up questions! The teams had to answer cryptic questions along a route that we mapped with the help of my mom's friend, Tanya. Tanya was such a blessing throughout this entire event planning! She has done car rallies before, so she knows what to do an who to talk to. It was fun, but difficult! When we were getting prizes, Tanya went with us the first day, and did all of the talking, but the next two days dad drove us around and only went into the first few shops with us, then we were on our own! I preferred going on our own, and we got way more vouchers and prizes by ourselves! It was a lot of hard work, but I think it defiantly paid off in the end!
We got to the Park and Shop at about one, and the rally started at 1:30. We set up the banners and the table, not long after that people started arriving. Zelda, Chaeli, and Justine from the Chaeli Campaign got there early, but could sadly not take part, since they had to be somewhere else.

The most exciting part was that Gran Dessie (founder of the Pink Ladies), could come and see us in the beginning. It was amazing to talk to her, she is just so, like, WOW! She was saying something about Josh and I staring our own Section 21 company! How exciting is that??!! Sadly, she also had to be somewhere, and could not do the rally.

Here are almost all the teams (some were late) just before they took off!

A few of the questions were at the Park and Shop, here are Brady and his Mom finding answers!

Here are Team ZU and The Whyte Knights answering questions about Meadowridge Common.

Team Tory, a very emotional picture!!!

Also at Meadowridge Common.

Team Delicious Lee (or Vicious Lee), at Meadowridge Football Club.

Tory at Meadowridge Common.

Paul of the Whyte Knights, and Tory of Team Tory, cheating and giving each other answers!

Dad taking a photo of Tanya, who was taking a photo of him taking a photo of her, confused?

Team Rogers and Team Stoltz, also cheating!

The answer to this one is Constantia Uitsig, Chardonnay Reserve 1997, Double Gold in 1998!

This is team Solartech at Constantia Uitsig, they were the coolest team in the rally!!!

Mom and Tanya tasting an answer at Constantia Uitsig.

"Speaking in pink..."

Michaela and Mom (the members of Team ZU) collecting a vine leaf!

Team Solartech were in it to win it!

Team Tory finding out how many baboons are on the sign (with help from me and Josh).
The rally was a huge success and everyone went home with a great prize! We were asked if this would become a yearly event, hmmm..... we'll see!
All in all, we all had a great time! And I'm so thankful that the Chaeli Campaign could give me this opportunity! I also want to say thank you to my Mom, who put up with us living in the dining room, and babysitting Tanya's kids, and cooking for four extra people on most nights. Also, I want to give a big thanks to Tanya, and her family as well as the rest of mine! They were all amazing!