Monday, March 11, 2013

Quick Monday Post

There' a cute picture of Max when he was tiny to brighten your Monday :)
Wow, I hope this week isn't all as hectic as today was. I am so exhausted already, and its only Monday. I have so much I need to get done before the end of the term, and I'm feeling a bit stressed. The fact that holidays are so soon makes me both excited, and freaked out. I don't really have much to say, just that I'm going on camp in 10 days :D I am so excited for that!
Anyway I have to get some stuff done /: I hope you all have a fantastic week :)
♥ Keren
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Friday, March 8, 2013


I got a haircut yesterday!!! Whoop Whoop! It was really awesome because it was kind of a surprise haircut. Now I know that sounds like a ninja hairdresser jumped out at me with a pair of scissors, a comb and some ow worked her magic without me fighting back, but that's not exactly how it happened. The real story was a lot less cool. All that really happened was my awesomely amazing neighbor Tammy got me to come to her house and ta-daa there was the hairdresser! Just so you know Tammy is awesome like that!
So let me explain the picture. I told the lady to please just cut it until its healthy again, well. Clearly it was very unhealthy! Its a lot shorter than I though it would be, but it grew on me, wait.. no.. it shortened on me? Yeah, something like that! Anyway, at first I was all like NOOO MY HAIR IS GONE! And all worried and stuff, but now I actually like it. Plus, I can always grow it back again.
It was quite funny because when I looked in the mirror this morning I got a fright, I didn't expect my lovely long locks to be gone! But I'm not gonna lie, I quite like this length.
♥ Keren

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Just Pictures

I just wanted to do a couple of pictures today, hope you enjoyed them x
♥ Keren

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Take Care

Sometimes we just have to take a step back, reassess priorities, figure out what's most important to us in our lives and take care of ourselves. I must say, I can forget to look after myself. I get so bogged down with the little things that I let consume my world and keep me busy, that I forget to take care. I have decided its time to reassess, make time for the things I REALLY care about.
So I have this list, right. Yes, I am one os those crazy-ass OCD list making people. Deal with it. So this list, its filled with all the things I desperately want to do, but can't stop procrastinating about. I think about this list every single day of my life, and every day I say to myself "I'll tackle that list tomorrow, I'll make time for it!" But I never do until its almost too late to get one of the things done, be it homework or paying a debt. And this stresses me out, I just want to be able to relax without it playing on my mind.
So I have decided its time to look after myself, to love myself, to take care. Everything has to start somewhere, and I'm starting with the little things. Things like buying myself a Dr. Pepper and drinking it when I feel like I'll die from heatstroke, going to bed early because my body is crying out for a few extra hours of sleep, or even just chilling here writing this blog post and not letting myself feel like I should be jumping up and doing last minute homework, that can wait. I also think it would be loving of myself to actually do the things on that list, so I can have a little peace about it. So I resolve to assign one thing on the list to each day until the list is done. That's how I'm going to take care of me.
Another way I want to stay sane and keep my priorities in check, is to spend more time with my Maker, my Dad. Even if I was to spend my entire life praying, reading and learning about Him, I honestly don't think that I would ever know Him as well as I want to. But I think its my job to try. So Jesus, get ready, because you're about to hear a lot more from this girl!
My motto from here on out is "If it can be done today, don't leave it 'till tomorrow."
Take care, I meant it!
♥ Keren

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Think Pink

As you all you know, I LOVE to dye my hair crazy colours. And this is one thing I have been wanting to do since the very first time I dyed it, and that thing is dyeing my whole head red or pink! I must say, I have been too afraid to for a very long time, but on Saturday I was very bored, and I had the dye, soooo... I just did it!
But yoh, it took forever! Like 2 hours! Tammy (my awesome next door neighbor) always helps me whenever I dye my hair. So, thanks Tammy! The dye I use it actually (blush) Chinese dye that you can buy for R5 at just about any Chinese shop. Its not permanent and lasts just a bit longer than a month.
Its quite funny, because for year I swore I would never dye my whole head, unless I had grey hair, and look at me now!
♥ Keren
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