Sunday, March 3, 2013

Think Pink

As you all you know, I LOVE to dye my hair crazy colours. And this is one thing I have been wanting to do since the very first time I dyed it, and that thing is dyeing my whole head red or pink! I must say, I have been too afraid to for a very long time, but on Saturday I was very bored, and I had the dye, soooo... I just did it!
But yoh, it took forever! Like 2 hours! Tammy (my awesome next door neighbor) always helps me whenever I dye my hair. So, thanks Tammy! The dye I use it actually (blush) Chinese dye that you can buy for R5 at just about any Chinese shop. Its not permanent and lasts just a bit longer than a month.
Its quite funny, because for year I swore I would never dye my whole head, unless I had grey hair, and look at me now!
♥ Keren
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