Friday, March 8, 2013


I got a haircut yesterday!!! Whoop Whoop! It was really awesome because it was kind of a surprise haircut. Now I know that sounds like a ninja hairdresser jumped out at me with a pair of scissors, a comb and some ow worked her magic without me fighting back, but that's not exactly how it happened. The real story was a lot less cool. All that really happened was my awesomely amazing neighbor Tammy got me to come to her house and ta-daa there was the hairdresser! Just so you know Tammy is awesome like that!
So let me explain the picture. I told the lady to please just cut it until its healthy again, well. Clearly it was very unhealthy! Its a lot shorter than I though it would be, but it grew on me, wait.. no.. it shortened on me? Yeah, something like that! Anyway, at first I was all like NOOO MY HAIR IS GONE! And all worried and stuff, but now I actually like it. Plus, I can always grow it back again.
It was quite funny because when I looked in the mirror this morning I got a fright, I didn't expect my lovely long locks to be gone! But I'm not gonna lie, I quite like this length.
♥ Keren

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